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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
6 Hrs


Cruise around The Burj Al Arab, Atlantis, The Palm Islands and The World Islands on 68 FT Luxury Yacht Cruising.


  • Duration: Minimum 1 Hours
  • Departs: Daily from Dubai on request
  • Capacity: Insured for 32 Passengers
  • Departing From: Dubai Marina Yacht Club.
  • Meetings Point Dubai Marina Yacht Club.
  • Complimentary Soft Drinks, Music System.
  • Charter is Fully Insured.
  • Professional Skipper and Crew to assist you onboard


Cruise around The Burj Al Arab, Atlantis, The Palm Islands and The World Islands on a 70 Ft. Yacht Charter.

About the Yacht:

The 70 Ft. Luxury \Yacht Cruising is a high-class Yacht which provides the most comfortable Yacht ride. It is obviously much more expensive than the others as it is a top class Yacht with the highest number of features and the highest level of comfort. This is passed by the usual route of the ships covering The Palm Jumeirah. It takes you past the iconic Burj Al Arab. During the tour, you will come across many islands but some of them would be still under construction.

Cruising Description:

This 70 Ft. Luxury Yacht Cruising is so far one of the best and you should definitely choose this if you want the best. While cruising, you can see many of the man-made structures in Dubai. You will be able to find out how fast Dubai is progressing and modernizing.

The cruise takes extra care of the guests and pays attention to your requirements and queries. The staff members guide you at every point.

You will see not more than 30 people on this cruise. During the tour, you are served complimentary drinks. You can even order good quality food here. This cruise gives an exclusive, additional offer to its guests.

If you want to stay on the cruise for a longer time, you can actually choose a bigger package and spend a day or two on the Yacht. There are good, luxurious cabins for overnight staying purposes and there are good washroom facilities. There is also a kitchen where you can order food. So, it is well equipped for overnight stays.

70 Ft. Luxury Yacht Cruising Experience

If comfort is your first preference, you should definitely consider booking this 70 Ft. Luxury Yacht. It is indeed a luxurious stay in the Yacht as the name suggests. In case you are planning to stay overnight, you are sure to get the best cabins and sleeping facilities on this yacht.

This Yacht experience is truly one of its kinds and offers the customers a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Treasure the imperial moments of cruising in Dubai with a yacht experience you will not forget. This is a wonderful place to visit with your loved one to have a romantic time in Dubai.

It is sure to be a lifetime experience for you and your loved ones. If you are planning to surprise your beloved one in a grand way, this is what is apt for you.

Safety features and comfort:

This royal 70 Ft Luxury Yacht Cruising is obviously the safest cruising option which you can avail. It is the most well-equipped yacht with life jackets and other safety features. It is known to have an excellent navigation system.

The crew members are highly experienced to guide you correctly throughout the journey. There will be an adequate number of safety belts in the yacht for you to be safe. The sail is the most effortless one among the others and the rides are extremely pleasant because of its huge size and appropriate design.

The interiors are luxurious and extremely comfortable for the guests. This 70 Ft. Luxury Yacht won’t give you any chance to complain as it assures that you enjoy every bit of the journey.

Cancellation: 01 Day

70 Ft Luxury Yacht Cruising

Price information:

Exclusive yacht for US $ 384 (AED 1000) Per Hour

Insured for 30 Pax + 1 Captain + 1 Crew

Departs daily

Availability: Subject to availability